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Information Please enter your User Identification Number (ID) and your personal identification number (PIN). Your ID may be either your Social Security Number (without any dashes) or your Student/Employee ID with a preceeding dash (-ID). Your initial PIN is your birthdate entered as 9 digits ddmonyyyy (for example, 01jan1990 *make sure that the month is lowercase*). At your initial login you will be required to change your PIN to protect your privacy and student records. To change your PIN in the future, select Personal Information Menu. You have 5 tries to Login correctly. If unsuccessful, your PIN will be disabled. You must contact the Registrar's Office (employees should contact the Personnel and Payroll Office) to re-activate your PIN.

When you are finished, please Exit and close your browser to protect your privacy.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you have forgotten your PIN, please enter your User ID and select the Forgot PIN button.

Students who require assistance may contact the Registrar's Office, 265-3703. The Registrar staff is available to assist students with registration during regular business hours.


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